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Thrifty vintage : Dress your life

Round up: Thrifty vintage in the news

I love setting up news alerts because this means that my searches (from search engines, newspapers, databases) come to me on a regular basis. I have alerts for thrift, Goodwill, … Continue reading

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Thrift shop vacation

Thrift warriors understand that a little digging goes a long way. I am not warrior status although I have been in the past. I once practically built an entire wardrobe from the Goodwill and a … Continue reading

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A little bit of Dallas: Dreyfuss and Son

Vintage seems to almost always have a story, whether it’s a true story or one you create. I like to think that each item has a backstory, so I tend to buy … Continue reading

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Thrifty Thursdays : DAV Thrift

Originally posted July 2009 in Blog across Texas. Here is a preview of a great shop where eight-tracks, five-inch floppies and sundry other items go to rest. The Disabled American … Continue reading

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Martini, anyone?

New shop additions: Million-dollar scarves I love to buy scarves, although I only wear a few every once in a while. Part of the problem is that Texas weather doesn’t often … Continue reading

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Selling thrifty vintage

I am lucky enough to be in close proximity to some of the best thrift shops in Texas, and sometimes I want to share the treasures I’ve found. Because the … Continue reading

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