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Ferragamo, again

Photo of Salvatore Ferragamo scarf.

This is the second Ferragamo scarf I’ve found.

“Good grief, that’s a really expensive scarf in that bin.”

It was a particularly busy moment at the resale shop, and everyone seemed to converge on the accessory bins. I was picking through in my particular fashion, and a lady started a conversation with me. (Or I perhaps with her.)

Some other ladies approached as she chatted.

I pulled out a silky smooth scarf – I shop by color, then feel, then look for a label – and saw that it had a Salvatore Ferragamo signature. What luck. I tried not to seem excited, hoping the others wouldn’t find something else more wonderful.

This Ferragamo has gorgeous colors and it feels nice and heavy; however, there is no original label and the hem isn’t as dainty as I like.

How often, though, do you find a high-end accessory in the bin like this? For me: Twice.

I took it home. Being as I hardly wear this size scarf, I have listed it on Ebay and hope it will find its way happily into someone else’s wardrobe.

I’ve also listed a figural duck and water fowl scarf. It is listed low because of some stains but probably with the right care could be cleaned.

I’ve found that thrifting is tricky sometimes when you fall in love with an item, since you may not see flaws until later. Do you even find upon getting home that you’ve overlooked a flaw or tiny damage? It comes with the territory, I guess.

C’est la vie.

Please check out Effie Sue’s Closet on ebay; my goal is to get back to blogging and thrifting. I have scads of things to share about recent thrifty visits; I just need to sit down and do it.

Thanks & happy hunting.



3 comments on “Ferragamo, again

  1. rdd2009
    July 6, 2014

    Thank you for the likes; it is so nice to see that notification email.

  2. slipcovermaker
    August 16, 2014

    Fabulous scarf! I look forward to reading more about your thrifty finds.

    • rdd2009
      August 17, 2014

      Thank you. I’ve been following your blog for a while trying to get up the nerve to make slipcovers for my very tatty ’60s chairs.

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