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Salvaged linens

Two little salvaged hearts.

Two little salvaged hearts.

“Do you sew?”

Beware this question.

Either it means the person wants you to hem something, or they are about to give you something that you probably won’t ever use (ugly fabric, dirty notions, a bunch of bobbins that don’t fit your machine)

I try to answer, “A little,” and avoid the subject of a hobby whose art or discipline I still haven’t mastered.

This happened while I was picking up a boxed lot of linens from a lady on an old farm smack dab in the middle of a newer, affluent suburb. She casually gestured to two clear garbage bags containing yucky-looking quilts and pastel chenille bedspreads.

“I’ll give them both to you for $10.” And of course that settled it.

Ten dollars for two bags of possible wonderful? Yes, I was channeling my father and his hoardish junking ways, but she said quilts. Who can resist a quilt – let alone more than two or three in cutter condition – for $10?

My favorite is a hexagon quilt with a few patches and many holes. The fabric 1940’s era with some nautical and various novelty prints. It is the one I plan to keep and will slowly turn into scrappy hearts. This was a much-loved, much-used quilt, and it seems a shame not to save a part of it.

Searching for information on how to go about cutting up the hexagon quilt, I found some blog posts with project ideas.

Here they are:

I have since sold a few cutter pieces on Ebay, turned one quilt into a drop cloth, and used part of one for compost. After all, not everything can be saved.


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