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Round up: Thrifty vintage in the news

I am one of those naughty museum and art gallery visitors who wants to touch the exhibits. It isn’t an intentional breaking of the rules, but I find that my right hand has a mind of its own.

I’ve been scolded at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth (I accidentally brushed against some free-hanging silverware) and by a museum-trained friend while walking through Biltmore. As I become less far sighted, I fear that the 12-inch rule for looking at art will become harder and harder to follow.

One show that could be extremely trying for me is the Cincinnati Art Museum’s Behind the Seams clothing conservation exhibit. It has a few “touchable objects,” though, which could help visitors with tactile tendencies.

Here is exhibit coverage from Cincinnati.com. The show runs through April.

Work has been busy, so I’ve fallen behind in my news posting. Here are a few gems you may have missed over the past month. There has been a lot going on in the vintage clothing world! Enjoy.

  • It’s not just fine art but high-end vintage fashion being discovered at thrift and second-hand shops. The low down from Britain’s Telegraph.
  • Thrift, vintage, and garage sales aren’t just for the super eclectic or those on a tight budget. Here’s a short video featuring Chicago creative executive and author Tereasa Surratt, whose vintage collection is the corner stone of her career wardrobe.
  • It seems Goodwill offers more than just shopping, jobs, and career training.  Some maintain special collections that grew out of donations. The Central Texas Goodwill houses a computer museum in Austin, while Seattle Goodwill houses a fine collection of beautiful clothes dating to the 1800s. Here’s coverage from Washington’s King 5 News.

Happy reading & watching,


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