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Thrift shop vacation

Thrift warriors understand that a little digging goes a long way.

I am not warrior status although I have been in the past. I once practically built an entire wardrobe from the Goodwill and a women’s shelter thrift shop; I was in my 20s, in debt, and desperately wanting to go back to college and finish a degree. That gave me serious thrift-shop motivation.

This Christmas break, though, I did quite a bit of thrifting for my online shop. I didn’t dig through everything that I saw but tried to concentrate on accessories. I was blessed with good finds, too, since many were just waiting at the top of the pile. Don’t you love it when that happens? No warrior needed.

I picked up a few purses, a few scarves, and a few ties.



Here are some usual stops.

  • Goodwill: I hit the McKinney store, since I hadn’t been there in a while. The store is loaded with clothing, but it was short on the items I wanted. I’ve purchased vintage sewing patterns and kitchenwares here. This store usually has a good selection of dishes and housewares.
  • Salvation Army: The Plano store has half-off clothes on Wednesday. You’ll find current wardrobe staples along with the occasional vintage piece. This is where I bought my French-style 1960’s-era couch.
  • Thrift City: I am loathe to share this jewel with you, but I know I can’t keep it a secret. This is a good store for building a wardrobe. If you’re into vintage, there is a separate section in the back. Living in Texas, I hate purchasing sweaters full price, so I get a lot of my sweaters here. With our usually balmy winters, this keeps me from putting a huge dent in my wallet for clothes I hardly wear. There are locations in Lewisville and Richardson, and both offer a nice housewares selection.

Not every thrift outing is productive or fun. Sometimes, it can be downright disappointing. Digging is usually part of the bargain; I had luck on my side this holiday.

If you go to a thrift shop and don’t see anything right away, don’t despair. Take some time to go through the racks, sift through any bargain bins, and do a little poking around. If you think doing this seems dusty or just plain gross, you can carry a stash of wet wipes for tidying up in the car. I do.

Happy New Year!


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