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Thrifty Thursdays : DAV Thrift

Originally posted July 2009 in Blog across Texas.

Here is a preview of a great shEight-track tapsop where eight-tracks, five-inch floppies and sundry other items go to rest.

The Disabled American Veterans Thrift Store in Irving is a veritable treasure trove if you don’t mind digging. The store offers used books of varying vintages, and there are bins where you can buy clothing for just a bit of coinage.

I met a gentleman stocking up on novels, and we conversed a bit. He asked me if I’d read any Jack London, and I admitted that naturalism wasn’t a period I really liked. However, the gentleman (I wish I remembered his name) said that when he read Jack London he could see the scenery as if it were real. There was a copy of Jurassic Park there, and I said the book was much better than the movie, but he said he didn’t really like suspense.

At the bargain bins, I talked to a nicely-dressed lady who said she had two children in college and was able to save money by digging through the tangles of clothing. There were nice items, too, but none my size.

If you head to the very back of the store, where donations are unloaded and some stored for later sale, you will find a junker’s dream awaits. There are light fixtures, albums, eight-tracks, mid-century dressers, office supplies, gee gaws & chotckes, grandma chairs, and ceiling fan blades looking for new life. Anyone with a few skills could easily turn something here into a like-new home furnishing or perhaps a funky piece of yard art (think fan-blade flowers).

Disabled American Veterans Thrift Store
2310 Rock Island Road
Irving, Texas

Happy thrifting,
Rae D.


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