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Martini, anyone?

New shop additions: Million-dollar scarves

I love to buy scarves, although I only wear a few every once in a while. Part of the problem is that Texas weather doesn’t often lend itself to wearing polyester, acetate, or crepe de Chine; however, I did pull out a fabulous red, white, and blue polka-dot Echo scarf for the Fourth of July and braved the heat.

I have just started building my Etsy shop, and I’m adding a few of my finds.

Here are a few things I dug up in June:

Red and white scarf with bird

Stewardess with a Martini: When I saw this scarf at my favorite linen-getting spot, I immediately thought of old-school airline uniforms and martinis.

Green scarf with navy. Striped and dotted.

Green Aloe and Navy: This would look fab with a navy suit, especially on a redhead.

Crepe de Chine scarf of brown and blue

Classic Brown and Blue: Go from casual to career depending on the outfit. This one is crepe de Chine and feels fabulous.

I realize I need a mannequin head of some sort to really show off the scarves, but I haven’t found the right one. I’ve been accumulating things with the intention to sell for quite a while now, so I figured it’s now or never – mannequin or not.

Please join me as I try my hand at a little vintage thrift.



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